Helping Businesses Harness Their Data

Pharian is a professional IT Consultancy and Reseller who specialise in Business Intelligence. Our core objective is the delivery of data and analytical solutions that empower businesses to achieve truly high-value data-driven outcomes. As a small but highly successful business, we are particularly in tune with the needs and pressures on SMBs and pride ourselves on the personal level of service we provide, whilst at the same time having a global outlook that will help us grow together.

Pharian Silver Microsoft Partner With Competency Official

As a Silver Microsoft Partner with a competency in Data Analytics, we are continually investing in the knowledge and skills of our team so as to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We truly believe that this constant commitment to up-to-date technical skills and our culture of continued learning differentiates us from other business intelligence consultancies, as well as providing high levels of confidence in our ability to achieve your goals. Currently we have team members working towards gaining further competencies including Silver Data Platform.

Pharian Business Intelligence

If you would like to find out more about the full range of BI services we offer, please click HERE.

Transforming the Way SMBs Work

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider we have an excellent track record of helping SMBs transform the way they work with Modern Workplace solutions like Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. These products provide scalable, cost effective, integrated environments which can grow with you. And more importantly can be scaled back easily should circumstance dictate, giving you the control you need.

Pharian Cloud Revolution

For those with more complex IT needs, Microsoft Azure offers cloud solutions that can provide SMBs with considerable savings, simplified administration and enhanced security. Whether it’s all-in-the-cloud or a hybrid solution you are looking for, Pharian can help you with the transition. We can advise, architect and deliver whatever you wish to migrate, and we can provide you with the level of managed service that you need.

From Freelancer to a fully global workforce, you can find out more about the complete cloud services we offer HERE.

Your Reseller Of Choice

At Pharian, we have a wealth of experience at advising, sourcing and supplying the right IT equipment for your business needs. Over the last few years we have built excellent working relationships with numerous suppliers so we can take the hard work out of procuring new kit. As well as the traditional laptop and desktop computers, we can provision and install servers, storage arrays, printers, routers, switches & network cabling.

Pharian Hardware

You can find out more about our hardware services HERE.

Helping Businesses Engage

Pharian Online

Pharian has extensive expertise online to help you create and maintain a strong digital presence. From a simple website to more integrated social engagement, we can guide you and develop a solution that fits your needs. We can help you manage your marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation, create online content like newsletters and blog posts, and keep you compliant with GDPR and other regulation. If you would like to find out more about our online services, click HERE.

As an ADOBE Partner we love getting creative. We can design punchy logos and meaningful infographics that really get your message across. Also, over the years we have developed a lot of skill and knowledge with the layout and production of publications such as newsletters and flyers. Find out more about our creative services HERE.