Data Warehouse - PharianWith a well modelled data warehouse your organisation has the power to gain insight and provide accurate reporting at all levels. A bad design, however, can keep your analysts busy correcting errors and fighting fires. At Pharian we will design a highly optimised and user friendly data warehouse that models your data in a flexible and scaleable way.

The term Data Warehouse may be broad, but we generally espouse the Kimball Methodology to deliver a simple, effective and manageable infrastructure. We can help you with the design, development, testing, data cleansing and implementation of all the key elements in your data storage solution including Operational Data Stores, Staging Areas, a Data Warehouse proper, Data Marts and Downstream Date Feeds.

It may be that you have an entrenched solution that has become unwieldy over time or struggles to deliver and has a high maintenance cost. At Pharian our professional consultants can perform an high level infrastructure review and provide you with a detailed analysis that proposes solutions to problems but also highlights the aspects that work and do not need change.

Of course it may be that you have a very clear picture of your own requirements and have a well defined roadmap, but you require quality consultants to get onboard and help with the development of existing projects. At Pharian we pride ourselves on fitting in and getting up to speed quickly and delivering as per requirements.

A cornerstone of any Data Warehouse solution is the regular flow of data both in and out. At Pharian we are passionate about having a small but highly efficient ETL footprint. All to often we come across disjointed, overly complicated packages that provide poor error handling, lack documentation and are difficult to unpick. Pharian can truly simplify the way you load your data, giving you a generic framework for error capture, notifications and configuration driven mappings for imports and exports.

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We can design your Data Warehouse – Kimball, Star Schema, Snow Flake – Cloud, hybrid, on premises. Optimisation